Stephen McNamee

Producer / Writer / Director of The Powerpuff Girls: The Teen Years     

"Stephen" / Series Creator / Writer of There Are No Second Takes In Life...Take 2


Stephen trained through Second City and UCB. He wrote, cast, produced, and starred in a sold-out sketch comedy show in New York City, CASUAL AMBIGUITY. He then wrote a young adult/urban fantasy novel, IT WOULD LIKE SUCK TO DIE ON A TUESDAY: A FAIRY TALE (as yet unpublished). He also mistakenly graduated from the University of Chicago Law School. Afterward, Stephen wrote and filmed a short film, HOLD THE MAYO. Apparently, not wanting to travel far to act, Stephen created THERE ARE NO SECOND TAKES IN LIFE...TAKE 2 filmed on location…in his apartment. Stephen’s works have screened at such places as the L.A. Comedy Festival, L.A. Webfest, ATL Webfest, East Lansing Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, and Hamilton Film Festival.   

If you enjoy pics of Central Park, dogs, and dock-jumping adventures, you can follow Stephen on Instagram: @mcnameefilms.