There Are No Second Takes in Life...Take Two

Ep. 1: Introduction

Ep. 2: PSA

Ep. 3: Boom Goes James Franco!

Ep. 4: Meet Paul

Ep. 5: Twintroduction

Ep. 6: Almost Anna Kendrick, Part 1

Ep. 7: Auditioning Is Rough!

Ep. 8: My Jenny

Ep. 9: Who's The Boss?

Ep. 10: Walk The Line

Ep. 11: I'm Tired

Ep: 12: Trapped

Ep. 13: Almost Anna Kendrick, Part 2

Ep. 14: Anniversary (Coming Soon!)

Ep. 15: Tarantino's Pulp Fact (Coming Soon!)

Ep. 16: One Act (Coming Soon!)

Ep. 17: What Would Wesley Snipes Do? (Coming soon!)

Ep 18: Women Be Crazy (Coming soon!)

Ep 19: Strategy (Coming soon!)

Ep 20: Strategy Found (Coming soon!)