Goodbye Blue Monday

"Miles Apart" (Episode: Wesley Snipes, Part 2)

A city boy from California who moved to North Carolina in his teens, Alex was infatuated with music ever since he was a little boy but wasn’t interested in songwriting until he was 14. In high school Alex played sports but once music came into the picture he dropped it all in search of a band. Gaining local exposure but always hitting dead ends with undedicated band members he called it quits and tried giving up music for good. Two years went by and he’d had enough! He quickly started writing again and found the name he loved - Goodbye Blue Monday: A quote from a book that he’d read growing up. A sarcastic saying that American soldiers in World War II would paint on the bombs they would drop. Stay tuned for Goodbye Blue Monday's debut release 'Miles Apart.' For more info, please visit his website, find him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram