Leah Lamarr


Playing bitchy, sarcastic and at times, evil characters, Leah steps away from her normal *extremely* sociable self to enact roles like Michelle B. in Stephen's new web series. More recently, she guest starred in the pilot episode of ABC's HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, which will air in the fall and is produced by Shonda Rhimes, and she starred in the short film, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK (written/directed by Vlad Duhov). Within the last month, she shot a few commercials (Keiser, YAP and Tequila Avion) and a PSA for Save the Children (THE MOST IMPORTANT SEXY MODEL VIDEO EVER), which has over 3.5 million views. Although Leah loves acting, she also writes and directs and will produce her first written feature film this fall. Last but not least, she's a really big weirdo and makes stop motion animation videos with eggs. Seriously. See more of her work on her website and Nicolas Cagefree Films.