Sydney Lauren

"Song I Sing To" (Episode: I'm Tired)


Sydney Lauren is a 19 year old pop singer/songwriter from New York. She is primarily a vocalist who started learning the guitar and piano in her early years of high school. Some of Sydney's biggest inspirations are Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, James Taylor, Carole King, and John Mayer. After joining an a cappella group and falling in love with it, Sydney started writing songs. Her writing comes from a place of truth and a way to connect to others. Songwriting is how she expresses herself. After a year of college with not enough music, she took a personal risk and auditioned for Berklee College of Music to follow her passion. That is currently where she is proudly studying songwriting and music business, as well as developing herself as an artist. Learn more about Sydney and her music by visiting her website, and finding her on Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube