The Mad Sugars

"Save Your Breath" (Episode: Auditioning Is Rough);

"Crazy But Sweet" (Episodes: My Jenny & Mr. Ruff's);

"Just Keep Dancing" (Episode: Anna Kendrick);

"How She Likes It" (Episode: Tarantino's Pulp Fact)


Take the dance rock of Franz Ferdinand, the garage grooves of OK Go, the harmonic sensibilities of 60's BritPop and mix them up in a blender and you have a decadently sweet concoction that would best describe The Mad Sugars. Based in Northern New Jersey, currently The Mad Sugars are playing around the New York/New Jersey area promoting their debut EP JUST A TASTE, offering audiences a healthy portion with their live shows. After seeing them live, don't be surprised if you'll want to come back for seconds. To hear more of The Mad Sugars' music, please find them on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.