The Year Off

"Bethany" (Episode: Cut The Tension)
"Find Another Way" (Episode: Which Direction)

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"Make them Shut Up and Swim." This lyric from The Year Off's "Bethany" can be considered their mission statement. It's why they chose it to inspire their new debut album. "The songs all have this message about having a time for talking and a time for action, taking control of your life, making the good things happen...that I didn't intend as a through-line. I'm glad it's there, since that's what we've been accomplishing as a band," says frontman Nick Dawson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriter). With Nick's voice and songs, Dave Baron's dynamic basslines, Alex Marino's uniquely charismatic classic rock guitar leads, and E Samson Milien's soulful vocals and drums, things came together to create a fun, tight, polished but raw, emotional package that audiences have been falling in love with. You can buy The Year Off's music on iTunes and CDBaby and find them on Facebook.